Gamefisherman Charter of the Month: OUTLAW – Marathon, FL

Captains: Brad and Todd Picariello
Boat: 40′ Gamefisherman Express

The Picariello Family has grown up in Marathon, FL since the 1960’s and have been in the Commercial & Charter Fishing business since the 70’s. Winning many Tournaments over the North Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico; sailfish, marlin, tarpon and many others, the family is well known and regarded as such. Brad’s father, Joe Picariello, a WW2 Hero, gave him the gift of fishing & making people happy, and to this day he does this to the best of his ability, making him proud. The family business now has 5 kids; Todd, Dylan, Isabella, Saraha, and Luca. Captain Picariello’s oldest son, Todd Picariello, is a 100grt Master Captain and is running the 40ft Gamefisherman, the “Outlaw”. The rest are to follow. They are sure to making a lasting impression and an incredible fishing experience for you and your family.

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