Welcome to Gamefisherman

Gamefisherman is a builder of custom sport fishing boats. Since our company was formed in 1985, we have built more than 58 boats. Today, you will find our boats circling the globe in search of all forms of pelagic gamefish.  Many of our boats have, and currently do hold, world records of all species.

Our boats are custom built to the highest of yacht standards and to American Boat and Yacht Council Specifications standard. Our custom boats are built from the highest grades of composite materials and are offered in models ranging from 30′-55′ as Flybridge, Express and Walkarounds. Gamefisherman boats have been known to accompany mothership operations and expedition fishing – worldwide.

Gamefisherman boats are built in the United States and all construction is managed from our Stuart, Florida headquarters.

Since 1985 Gamefisherman has custom built a combination of traditional cold molded and fiberglass boats in a variety of different sizes, ranging from 30’ to the most recent 55’. Gamefisherman is recognized as the premier builder of mid-size, classic sportfishing boats. Clean styling, high performance and easy maintenance has been the ultimate goal for every Gamefisherman built.

Big name builders have abandoned the custom mid-size sportfish boats and are focusing on larger vessels. What was once perceived as the perfect fishing boats, from the iconic 36’ to 45’ Rybovich, Merritt and Gamefisherman boats, the mid 90’s saw a push for bigger boats with the introduction of more powerful diesel engines. All of a sudden, the form of the design was not driven by its intended function anymore, and the value of “less is more” started to slowly fade away. It seems like every new engine upgrade added another head or stateroom and the “perfect size” started to grow to 60’-70’ and up. Through the years, Gamefisherman has managed to stay focused on the perfect sportfish platform by building the classics.

Since 2008, all Gamefisherman boats have been designed by Naval Architect Erwin Gerards with a new age proprietary bottom to suit this era’s engines. This proven running surface reduces drag and creates a softer, dryer and dampened ride. All new models are tested for optimum performance with newly developed CFD analysis software (Computational Fluid Dynamics), which is basically an extensive tank test simulation. Being able to tackle any design challenges in-house is a big plus, as it cuts out any guess work and quickly gives us the answers we need to make decisions possibly effecting construction.

Staying true to our pedigree, we will continue to build custom traditional models.

Want to be on the water chasing fish faster? We are introducing a new line of semi-custom composite models which are being labeled the NEX GEN series. This line of 43’ sport fishing boats encompasses the classic looks of yesteryear but have been designed with new age technology and are constructed from high strength composites. By building one 43’ platform to suit different styles and layouts, we can speed up build time and bring down the cost. At the same time clients can still enjoy being involved in the build process and customize to their desires. Speeding up the build time will help meet our client’s needs to get out on the water as soon as possible.