Gamefisherman Brings Back 30′ Hull

To celebrate 35 years of boat building, we have decided to bring back our classic 30 in both express and walkaround versions. Like a lot of boat companies, Gamefisherman has grown to producing larger models, the interest in our 30 is as strong as ever. As a testament to our founder Mike Matlack, the 30 is a tribute to his original purpose: building smaller, nimble sport-fishing machines.

She trolls beautifully, with a clean wake for a good working spread. As far as game boats go, only a handful of boats share Gamefisherman’s reputation for handling. She can back down faster than any angler can gain line. She spins on her own axis and reacts perfectly to her wheel while in reverse and turns with one-finger while up and running.Whether looking for lobster condos in the Bahama or casting for stripers in the shallow bays of the East Coast it is totally in the game plan. The 30 Express is built to be the ultimate pocket sportfisherman and her pedigree backs that up. The concept of the 30 was to build a simple, clean platform that needs little maintenance and has all the look and lines of our larger boats.

It is a testament to Mike Matlack’s vision that our boats are found all over the world in the hottest fishing spots, “They all end up where the serious fishing guys want to be.”

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