Gamefisherman Boats Make The Perfect Addition to a Mothership

Here’s one from the archives about 30 years ago- 34′ Gamefisherman Express cruising alongside her mothership VICTORY LANE. It’s impressive to see how much luxury motoryachts have evolved- from the boxier features you see here to the much sleeker futuristic looking models today. While Gamefisherman is constantly perfecting our builds, we take pride in keeping the clean profile, classic ocean-tested hull, and tried-and-true fishing platform we’re known for, and supporting the larger yacht owners who want the option to fish.

During the late ’80s and early ’90s, several ¬mothership operations travelled the world’s oceans looking for the next great remote paradise, and brought their gameboat alongside. No matter how large newer sportfish get, motherships with game boats provide the most access to global exploration for true far travelled sportfishing operations.

When you bring a large sportfishing boat with accommodations for everyone involved, those staterooms go fishing with you.

Not only do they retract from maneuverability and fishability, but previous owner of Gamefisherman, Mike Matlack, also adds. “The people who don’t want to go out on a rough day, like the wife and kids, either have to go or get taken off the boat. With the mothership you can unload the game boat, and everybody gets to do exactly what they want. The ¬non-fishing people get to enjoy the amenities on board and a crew that caters to them. They can even have some smaller boats to go exploring while the hard chargers go fishing.”

Whether you’re looking for a game boat for your mothership in Australia, or a walkaround to dominate sailfish season a mile off Palm Beach, Gamefisherman will work with you to build the finest custom sportfish for your needs. Call us at 833-GAME-FISH to start building yours today!