Custom Sportfishing Yachts Vs. Production

When you decide to purchase a sportfishing yacht, one of the first decisions usually involves an age old debate – custom or production? Here are a few differences between the two.

While production boat assembly lines provide for a quicker and more uniform make, a custom boat is unique and personalized for the buyer to produce a vessel that is truly one-of-a-kind. From engine specifications and rigging, to interior soft goods and finish, every detail is carefully decided in your best interest. A production boat provides a much more generic approach to boatbuilding, and in turn loses the novelty and heart that a specialized custom boat presents.

While production sportfish yachts may be churned out quicker, custom sportfish are worth the wait. The amount of heart, consideration, and attention to detail that goes into building a custom yacht is highly personal, and your boat will be spectacularly unique. While sportfish enthusiasts may say, “When you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ‘em all.” about certain production boats, they are usually inquisitive and impressed by a well-kept Gamefisherman at the dock.

This brings us to our next point. The uniqueness and rareness of a custom sportfish contributes greatly to resale value. Custom sportfish yachts hold their resale value much longer than their production competition. The market is usually flooded with production boats, while a well maintained Gamefisherman is a rare diamond, which gives you leverage to maintain its monetary value if you should ever decide to sell.

As a custom boat builder for more than 35 years, Gamefisherman treats our boat owners and captains like family, so you know you’re part of a supportive legacy for years to come. Building a custom boat is the opportunity of a lifetime. Call us at 833-GAME-FISH to start building yours today!