40′ Gamefisherman “Last Chance” Wins 2020 Kona Throwdown

Considering his record and life experience, it’s almost not a surprise that Captain Tracy Epstein led the crew and anglers of 40′ Gamefisherman “Last Chance” to winning the 2020 Kona Throwdown.

On day 2 of the Hawaii Marlin Tournament Series leg out of Kona, Hawaii, Angler Chad Beaudry spent 4 minutes on a 125 pound marlin, but on day 3 Captain Tracy put him on a goliath 765.5 pound blue for 51 minutes that I’m sure he’ll never forget.

This particular blue marlin led the team to victory and a total payout of $126,382.

Born and raised in Kona, Captain Tracy Epstein has continued his father’s legacy as a leading fishing charter captain on the Big Island of Hawaii. An avid outdoorsman, Captain Tracy is a record-holding fisherman and remains one of the Big Island’s most knowledgeable and energetic charter captains today.

Whether you’re seeking adventure and a chance at a record-breaking blue marlin or simply hoping to enjoy a peaceful day out on the water, if you’re heading to Kona, book a trip with Last Chance Sportfishing!