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Gamefisherman Mothership Explorer

Gamefisherman 94' to 164' Mothership Explorer Motor Yachts

World-class expedition vessel - ready to go fishing off any continent.

A top quality mothership built and equipped to go anywhere anytime with your Gamefisherman sport boat on board. Simply off load in a remote destination and fish, then reload and go find a new hot marinas ... no restrictions ... no schedules! Just cruise, explore and fish.

What is a Mothership?

Gamefisherman Mothership Explorer

A mothership is your home away from home.

The mothership carries a smaller vessel aboard. This smaller vessel is launched and often operates independently of the larger vessel in order to accomplish tasks that the larger vessel is less suited to accomplish.

The smaller vessel is carried, stored and often, fully serviced aboard. The history and concept of motherships was founded upon seafaring traditions.

The Gamefisherman Mothership Motor Yacht

Gamefisherman boats are known for being the boat of choice for fishing remote areas like Central America, Bermuda, The Azores, Madeira and other exotic destinations.

Gamefisherman has supplied the sport boats for a number of mothership operations, including "FRENCH LOOK", a 167' with a 40' Gamefisherman on board, and a 42' Gamefisherman for the 228' "AUSSIE RULES".

Gamefisherman is building a series of Mothership Explorers:

Each mothership is able to reach remote areas in search of more fish and interesting places to visit.

The Gamefisherman Explorers will be built to travel anywhere, anytime.

Unlike converted commercial vessels, the Gamefisherman Explorers will be built for the purpose of exploring and fishing and will be yacht quality throughout.

The Sport Boat

Key to remote area fishing is a proper sport boat.

The Gamefisherman boats will be large enough to fish comfortably and be a water taxi when the Explorer is anchored, yet small enough to be loaded on board with Gamefisherman's proprietary docking system.

The sport boat is supported with fuel, water, and ice from the Explorer.

130' Gamefisherman Mothership Explorer 130' Gamefisherman Mothership Explorer 130' Gamefisherman Mothership Explorer 130' Gamefisherman Mothership Explorer

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